Does anyone like this Coach Carryall for the summer?

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  1. I'm considering this one now...What year is this from, does anyone know?????
    What are your opinions on it?
    I need a large tote style bag since I'm a Mom of 2 little ones to hold all of my STUFF!
  2. I absolutely LOVE it!! I think it's perfect for summer and it looks like a great size! Very very cute.

    Not sure exactly what year it's from though... I'm guessing the same year as the Denim Ali? Which would be 07.. right? I suck at dates.
  3. ^Yes, it's either from '06 or '07, but I'm thinking '06. It's from the Resort Collection, maybe a Signature Denim Weekend Tote?

    It's lovely and I think it would be a perfect summer tote! :yes:
  4. I like the bag, but I don't like those handles.
    Like a lot of Coach totes, I worry the handles will look horribly dirty compared to the bag. They should make them leather!!
  5. Yes I think it is from the 06 Resort Collection too. I think that is a great tote ! Careful and make sure you authenticate one when you buy one because I remember a lot of fakes of this bag floating around on ebayat the time. This one looks good though !
  6. I agree, Coach needs to work on their Tote handles. I also feel like many of them are way too thin and out of proportion with the bag and weight !
  7. I saw this at the outlet in Jeffersonville, OH around the middle of March. Maybe you will get lucky and find one at the outlet. Be careful if you are looking for this on eBay. There was a rash of fake ones back in the fall.
  8. It adorable - I love totes! But as others have said, make sure you post it in the Authenticate It section (I know margaritaxmix is a pro over there!!) because signature is so hard to purchase on ebay.
  9. I love it! (not too find of the handles though) but it looks like a great summer tote!
  10. I think that bag will make the perfect summer bag! :yes:
  11. Yeah`, I think I'm going to pass on this one. The handles are :tdown: Thanks all.
  12. I love the bag accept for the straps.
  13. I think that it is a fab bag for the summer. :graucho:I have the satchel in that line!!! It is so cute, you just have to be careful with the leather piping, mine is starting to show wear. I do however carry everywhere, so I knew that would happen eventually!:sad:
  14. You could get the resort wallet to match it!

  15. Also I think I saw this at the outlet last year, and it's pretty big I believe... Like BIG BIG!

    Found some info about it:

    Legacy details, denim Signature fabric and rope handles.

    Inside zip pocket
    Ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Feet to prevent from scuffing Dogleash clip closure
    Signature denim fabric with leather trim
    Imported Signature poly satin scarf Fabric lining
    20” rope handles
    14 1 /4 (L) x 13 (H) x 7 (W)

    Price: $698 Style No: 10500

    I guess maybe it's not that big, IDK which one I saw at the outlet now...