Does anyone like this bag?

  1. Does anyone like the Downtown Leopard-print Media Tote? I find it growing on me, but its is reminiscient Fauve which seemed to be regarded as a flop as well, who knows maybe I have a thing for wild life...please don't outcast me :crybaby:
  2. I saw it IRL over the weekend at the YSL boutique. Actually think it's not bad...I think that objectively it's a pretty bag, just not for everyone. Love how the leopard print is worked to fit the bag design. It's just that the bag doesn't fit me that well.

    You may want to pop by the nearest IRL and give it a try :smile:
  3. photo?
  4. I like it....
  5. Vlad placed this up a few days it this one?

  6. Yves Saint Laurent has been pushing the Downtown bag like it's the new Muse with what looks like middling results. The Downtown doesn't speckle the pages of tabloids, and I don't see it dangling from a fashionably clothed arm every time I venture into Hollywood. I'm actually pretty fond of the shape. It's interesting, and I totally understand the name. The built-in slouch has a certain bustle-coolly-through-the-crowds attitude. That said, this Downtown leopard print media tote is the first incarnation of the Downtown that has really caught my eye. The leopard print is divine. Leopard has been spotting the entire span of fashion goods for a while now, but I find that a perfect leopard print is hard to come by. I love the way the spots condense in the middle of the bag and spread out towards the sides. I love that no two spots are identical. The very leopard print looks organic, even though I know it's just printed on calfskin. The white accents are also nice, and I appreciate the understated hardware on this outspoken bag. Will you carry this one Downtown? Pre-order from Neiman Marcus for $2,195.00 for delivery in April.

    By nerdphanie, resident Shopping Nerd.

    (Sorry, it wasn't Vlad.)
  7. That bag is hot...I just spoke with a SA in NYC YSL boutique...I had questions about a muse....he said the downtown is very popular....I asked him about the Muse in Croc....he said that bag is $15,000 ...he said last week he had a guy come in....look at all the colors in the croc oversized Muse...he left .....after his meeting he came back and bought the emerald green croc Muse for his wife....WOW!!! Nice Valentine!!! I'm
    "green" with!!
  8. That would be a "hot" bag for summer!! Someone get it!!
  9. Thanks everyone for the awesome advice! I do like that bag, I live in Asheville NC, which has very little IRL shopping, which is why I must rely on the lovely ladies of this forum!

    Wow a Croc Muse would be the end all be all...except maybe a Croc Birkin...Maybe my darling husband will do the same for me! Ummm anyone want to contribute to the fund by buying land in Asheville NC hahaha :wlae:
  10. Do you think you will get it?
  11. No, I don't. It seems like Mombassa and RG are my only favorites.
  12. Probably will not get it. I like it but am a little nervous about all leopard all the time...right now I am holding out for a Marc Jacob quilted stam (with the two zippers in front) or a patent Muse! Whats a girl to do!
  13. I like it. I think it is cute, and will add a great accent to a simple look
  14. I love the shape, but not the print. Sorry