Does anyone like these Fergie boots?

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    I tried them on at Nordstrom the other day in black..( I only own flat~ish riding boots and some Frye's) have never purchased any Fergie footwear before.
    They were really cute on! Much cuter than the pic for sure. I don't want to spend a bunch on semi trendy.
    The heel in the pic looks lighter, but its really black and blends with the rest of the boot.
    They have taupe too..(not showing) that is really cute..the SA was wearing them..but the backs of them were getting dirty..that probably wouldn't work for me.

    What do you think??
  2. love wedges, don't have any in the knee high boot style, but would definitely get this style. without trying them on, it looks ok online...if you say it looks really cute, than go for them.
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    ^ Thanks, randr21...:flowers:

    Well, this kind of solves my
    I'm not going to spend the money. I was on the fence a bit about them and this just helps me to decide not to buy them.:yes:
    I'm off to buy another pair of Loeffler Randall's:graucho:
  4. Oh... I was actually going to say I loooove the triangular shape the boots make in the transition from boot to wedge. That makes them look amazing! I would probably get the brown or the taupe if they were for me only because you'd be able to see the shape of the wedge better.

    Not sure why you didn't go for them but that's a faaaaabulous style. (:
  5. Thanks, Brigitte :flowers:I was deciding not to get them because I got one response..and 60 people looked at I thought maybe they were not attractive after all..:smile:
  6. ^ Aww, sorry to hear that. I think if you were a little unsure to begin with then yeah... best not to splurge on it and then regret it later. Though maybe not enough time passed to let people comment. :P

    If I hadn't already picked out my boots for fall I would so go for these. heehee
  7. i thought they were cute!
  8. I think they're cute!
  9. klj - I love these! Did you get them?
  10. ^Thanks, kdo.. I haven't yet...still thinking about it:smile:
  11. I like them..I have a pair of Fergie brown leather ankle boots..I love them and they are made VERY well..The quality is pics if you get them..I just saw these the other day and can't remember where now!!!
  12. ^ Thanks:smile:..I'm just trying to decide if I would wear them often and with what that is in my closet :amuse: I have cardi's.. skinnies...leggings..AW pocket tanks..basics that would work..I know I could wear them with a dress..but I hate to buy something and not have it work on a regular basis. I try to steer away from super trendy,which I don't think these are but think this look will go away at some you?
    They are super comfy and really are adorable on.
    If anyone has any outfit ideas..feel free to comment!! I would appreciate it.
  13. I think they are really cute! I just ordered a pair in black.
  14. ^ Oh good! I might have to go back to Nordstrom's and re~try them on...think about what's in my closet. The price is very doable too which is nice.
  15. Oh I think they're adorable!!