Does anyone like the Stam but hate the chain?

Are you sure it isn't the Stam, just without the picture of the chain? I can't imagine NM selling an almost identical bag without the chain, at the same retail price as the Stam. I know that sometimes, NM doesn't go by the "name" of the bag on their websites or catalogs.
I've got the taupe. I love it. Waiting for the new colors to come out. I called SA today and he said three more weeks!

BTW, those are gone from NM and BG. That was fast!
spiralsnowman said:
Did they tell you what the new colors are Greenie? I love this bag too...

The MJ SA I spoke to said for spring they would have:

ivory :love:
cola (he said brown with blue undertones sort of like the petrol)
putty (greyish)

He said all nappa leather, but they are also going to have a shiny leather sort of like a quilted patent leather. He hasn't seen it yet.

According to the SA, three weeks before they hit the MJ stores. I'm high enough on the list that I will get my choice of colors. Geez...i'm torn between the ivory and the black. Arrrghggghghgh :wacko: