Does anyone like the Stam but hate the chain?

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  1. Are you sure it isn't the Stam, just without the picture of the chain? I can't imagine NM selling an almost identical bag without the chain, at the same retail price as the Stam. I know that sometimes, NM doesn't go by the "name" of the bag on their websites or catalogs.
  2. I agree :oh:
  3. That's what I wondered as well, but the description didn't mention a chain. And why would they photograph it without the chain?
  4. It's the stam. They're not showing the chain!!
  5. Ooops. Ah well - if you like the Stam NM has it!
  6. I've got the taupe. I love it. Waiting for the new colors to come out. I called SA today and he said three more weeks!

    BTW, those are gone from NM and BG. That was fast!
  7. Did they tell you what the new colors are Greenie? I love this bag too...
  8. The MJ SA I spoke to said for spring they would have:

    ivory :love:
    cola (he said brown with blue undertones sort of like the petrol)
    putty (greyish)

    He said all nappa leather, but they are also going to have a shiny leather sort of like a quilted patent leather. He hasn't seen it yet.

    According to the SA, three weeks before they hit the MJ stores. I'm high enough on the list that I will get my choice of colors. Geez...i'm torn between the ivory and the black. Arrrghggghghgh :wacko: