does ANYONE like the slim carly signatures?

  1. (besides me?!?!?!)
  2. I think they are cute, but I probably won't buy one. If they made the blue leather color in a tote (ergo tote...!!!) then I would buy that...haha!
  3. I prefer bags that stand on their own, but I do think the slim Carly is cute!!!
  4. It is cute, but I probably will not get it because I don't think it will be big enough for me.
  5. I actually like and like the drop and sag but I have a large saddle Carly from last year otherwise I would buy it.
  6. I'm not a fan of the slim Carly. They are too thin and don't have a nice shape or drop. The slimness makes it too small for me anyways.
  7. They are thin but way too big for me. I bought the medium Carly.
  8. I'm with you - I :heart: it! The drop on medium carly was too small for my liking, and the large was just too heavy (and a little too big). The drop on the slim is perfect & I thought the slouch was gorgeous! My only issue is the patent leather strap, it kept sliding off my arm. If they make the signature with regular leather trim, I'll definitely be buying one :tup:
  9. I notice that this bag is narrow, but wondering because its cloth(sorry not sure of the correct name) would it not widen with stuff in it.. ?
  10. i haven't had any probs with sliding off the shoulder...the slouch factor is definitely amazing and the bag fits a ton of stuff in it!!!
  11. I'm glad you are loving it! Maybe it's the shape of my shoulder combined with the patent. I wish it would've sat nicer on me because I was ready to buy it lol... I especially LOVED the purple lining in I think the natural trim :love: