Does anyone like the navy outdoor hobo?...

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  1. I am considering getting the navy blue outdoor hobo instead of the navy coco cabas... since I can't locate a navy cabas...:sad: :crybaby: Anyway I've been searching the forum and can't find any navy outdoor pics, anyone have this bag and could post some pics? Also what do you ladies think of it?:s
    Thanks for any help making the decision...
  2. I remember seeing the navy outdoor collection at NM and I thought it was a beautiful bag, but I think it is very susceptible to scratches. The purse they had on display was just covered with scratches. It was a beautiful color though. If you have your heart set on the cabas, I'd hold out and see if a navy one turns up. Have you called the 800 number? Plus I don't know how much the outdoor hobos cost and if they are more than the cabas, you could always get a cabas off ebay. Good luck and let us know what you decide.