Does anyone like the Kooba Kiera?

  1. What do you all think of the Kiera? I'm thinking of getting it in black. It's about to go 30% off tomorrow at Saks. Sorry, but my technical skills are sooooo poor that I don't know how to post the photo of it.
  2. [​IMG]

    here's a pic :smile:

    not my personal taste, but get what you love!
  3. Thanks for posting the photo!
  4. I agree!
  5. I don't like it, but if you like it, get it!
  6. I think it looks better in person. The photo makes it look shiney, but it's not.
  7. I had it. It's a very pretty bag but very small and too slim in depth. I couldn't snap it with my IF wallet in there. But if you don't carry alot of stuff it may be great and it has a great comfortable shoulder strap.
  8. I like it, too! If you do get it, tell us how it worked out. Except for its shininess, does the bag look the same as it does in the picture?
  9. Yep, looks exactly the same except for the shine. The corsetting affect is very very cute and unique. It's a real young looking bag and can slide from dress to casual with no problem. The flap is just for looks and the top opening has a magnetic snap.

    I wonder why some sites show such crappy pics. You think with all the photography expertise they could manage to get a pic that captures the true color and sheen of the bag. Some of these pics are almost painted looking. Do you think they photoshop them? I know with alot of Kooba pics if you switch the color option it is the exact same bag pic in a different color. They obviously painted the shade. In all honestly I always research pics on ebay also because some of the amatuer pics show a more true to life version.
  10. Not for me no