Does anyone like Sergio Rossi or Costume National here?

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  1. Hello everyone! Two of my favourite brands in shoes are Sergio Rossi and Costume National. But i never see any threads about those brands here. (Or maybe its just me being blind ;))

    Please show me pics if you do have shoes by them!
  2. I don't have any CN or SR shoes but when I see that title I thought I need to chim in :yes: Two years ago maybe, I came across some gorgeous Sergio Rossi pumps and the price was really good and I just let them go, that was so stup!d of me ... I was not able to catch another pair in my size since then. I still check ebay auctions on SR to find this pair but it seems they are not available any more!! ...:smash:

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  3. ^ cute!

    Aw, shame you didnt get them. But you prob find something else, there is so many cute shoes out there! ;)

    My first pair of designer shoes was a great pair of SR pumps! I purchased them at Off Saks for $400. It as the most I ever spent on a pair of shoes at that time. Let me tell ya, I wore those shoes to death (7-years)! I still check ebay hoping another pair might pop up someday.

    I ended up purchasing my 2nd pair from bluefly 5-years ago but sold those because they didn't fit just right.

    Anyway, LOVE SERGIO ROSSI! Great shoes!!
  5. I love, love Sergio Rossi, have like 10 pairs.... here's a pic 1.5 years back after 5 days in Rome, 3 pairs of SRs in here:

    SRs are the both snakeskin and black ones
  6. I love SR too, such great quality and usually relatively comfortable.
  7. I love CN -- have a pair of sandals from last summer. Barneys has a great selection.
  8. I love Sergio Rossi!!! Beautiful designs and great quality!
  9. I love Sergio Rossi but have only one pair :

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  10. I'm a Sergio Rossi fan!