Does anyone like Oh Deer??

  1. Hello everyone, Does anyone here likes Oh Deer pumps.. if you do, could you tell me if they run true to size... thanks a lot ;)
  2. Hi Crylater! I would say they run true to size, I am a US 6 in most brands and the 6 in Oh deer fit me ok, maybe slightly on the narrow side. A word of caution though, some look pretty and the quality is what you pay for... I own a pair (a very pretty teal Judy) and my oh my they KILL my feet!!!!
  3. thanks a lot for the advice madl's, I usually wear aldo and BCBG.... CL are way to expensive for me... they are super beautiful... there was a debate over the red sole, (some people consider oh deer the fake version of CL).. I just hope I like them..
  4. A lot of people have strong feelings about the whole red sole issue and though I don't particularly care, I understand why.

    Anyway, I own a pair of Oh Deers and a few CLs and as far as comfort goes, high heels are high heels and to a certain level, it's expected that they'd be uncomfortable but they SHOULD NOT HURT-- and I define that as give you blisters or pinch your toes, etc. My CLs are uncomfortable because they are very high but none of them, even at first wear, has subjected my feet to the same fate the Oh Deers have.... they are a little stiff and rubbed against my heel a lot. Then again, they are the exact teal color I want so I still wear them and bring lots of band-aids along.;)
  5. no
  6. I've heard the Oh Deers have some sort of extra construction that is supposed to make them more comfy to walk in.

    I only have CLs, though ... the only shoes that have never caused a blister.
  7. i like them but i got 2 huge blisters on my feet from walking in them for an hour :sad:
  8. i have the judy in teal and brown as well, and i was advised to get them a half size larger, and they're generally fine, but i'd recommend foot petals for any problem areas.

    they're good to kick around in.
  9. no way
  10. I have a pair they're true to size. i have the black patent sling backs.
  11. I'm thinking about getting one myself too as a pair that I can wear out to a club and wouldn't care if they get dirty.