Does anyone like Monogram Mini Line?

  1. It seems that monogram mini line is not discussed much and I am wondering if anyone likes monogram mini line and what pieces do you have. I have a Lucille PM and and matching key and change holder. :yes:
  2. I like mini lin but am not into a mini monogram line. It looks similar but different to me.
  3. Yes I love it and I never got a chance to get a bag in that line! I want the Joseohine GM in Cherry!
  4. The Mini Mono was my all time love... I have the Marie, but to be honest, I never use her :sad: I still like the look of this line, but wouldn't get more items.
  5. I love the mini lin!
  6. I have the Josephine TST PM.
  7. Mono mini is my favorite - it's a bit more understated -- especially compared to some of the bags in the last 2 years. My navy Lucille GM is the best workhorse bag I have ever bought. :heart: Love navy mini:heart:
  8. The TST Josephines are really cute. One of the few Mini Mono bags I'd consider getting :yes:
  9. I dont really like it that much
  10. I love the MonoMini line.. I have the Josephine PM TST in Khaki and Lucille PM in Noir. Honestly, I wish it was still available, I would love a few more colors (Cherry, light Khaki) in either of those 2 styles. I never got a chance to get a wallet either. :crybaby:
  11. I like it- I have a monogram mini juliette because I had to get something from this line

  12. I just checked and Mono Mini is still available at eLux.

    Lucille PM
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - louis vuitton lucille pm bag, louis vuitton lucille p

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - m92239; m92240; m92241

    Um... I am thinking to get a mono mini wallet now! :idea:
  13. I personally dont like it...they look weirdly aligned and I always think they look fake...but I know theyre not lol its in my head!
  14. I have a Joseohine GM in Cherry.