Does anyone like green epi?


What is your least favorite epi color?

  1. Mandarin

  2. Fawn

  3. Red

  4. Myrtille

  5. Toledo Blue

  6. Lilac

  7. Yellow

  8. Canelle

  9. Green

  10. Vanilla

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  1. I saw an auction for a green epi keepall a couple days ago and thought that it was just a terribly unattractive color and realized that it's really the only epi color I don't like (with the possible exception of vanilla and lilac- please don't kill me :angel: ) So I was wondering- does anyone actually like green epi?

    Are there any other epi colors you don't like?

    (I couldn't fit black or mocha becuase of the 10 choice limit)
    Green Epi Saints-Jacques.jpg aaa11dxd.jpg
  2. I kinda like the green. It reminds me of Christmas trees! LMAO!
  3. It's not my favorite but I don't hate it either.
  4. Shockingly and against popular opinion my least favorite color is the yellow! I do still LIKE it but it is my least favorite. It just pale and bland to me. However I do love the purple lining! :smile:
  5. I am not really liking the green....I absolutely LOVEEEEEE the lilac!!! Such a gorgeous color....I dream of me carrying a lilac speedy......Vanilla comes in second for me.
    I never really liked the yellow either. Just never appealed to me. I, too, love that purple lining.
    All in all, I think green is my least favorite.
  6. Borneo green Epi is one of the best colours they've done imo. Canelle is the most disappointing.

    btw, you forgot to include Kouril noir (black), Pepper and Chipango Gold on the list ;)
  7. Green, Lilac and Canelle doesn't do anything for me.
  8. I like the green. The canelle is pretty, but it is too boring for me.
  9. I looked those up -that Noir is BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't mind having a keepall in that color :love: But is the gold more of a fawn or closer to canelle?
  10. same here. green and canelle.... they just dont seem too right for me.
  11. Chipango gold is between Kenyan fawn and Tassili yellow.
  12. I think the green epi looks quite nice.
    As for the poll, I don't have a "least favourite". So far, I haven't seen an epi shade that I thought was "downright disgusting", lol.
  13. Not a fan of fawn....kinda boring to me! Canelle would be close too! IMO I like Epi because I can get away from the brown mono/damier and have some color!
  14. definitely the green.......:sick:
    i can't imagine wearing it with anything in my wardrobe.....
  15. I actually love's my favorite color...:crybaby:

    But, it's okay if no one else likes it :shrugs: