Does anyone like Coach Holiday Patchwork??

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  1. I am just curious if I am the only one who thinks these bags are absolutely beautiful this season... I have not heard many people mention them here! I would love to get the swingpack soon...I need a smaller bag, but alas, I am broke!:crybaby:
  2. They just arent for me.
  3. i actually like them. the colors more then last year's holiday.

    last year's didn't do anything for me, even though a lot of people love it.

    everyone just has different tastes. i can tell you we had a boat load of them but now it's down to just a few.

    so people are picking it up quickly.

    but the best IMO was the khaki and purple and gold version along with the indigo we recently had?

    that was my fave patchwork.
  4. i don't care for this years holiday patchwork......i have liked others in the past much better
  5. They are so so to me. I like last year's Holiday patchwork a bit better.
  6. Some I like, some I don't. It really depends on the year.
  7. <---- I like Holiday Plaid :graucho:
  8. The holiday patchwork totes are okay this year. I have the summer patchwork tote (the gold and purple toned one) and it is one of my favorites. I think I just don't care for the dark leather contrast on the holiday patchwork.
  9. o0hhhhhh very true, that was my favorite patchwork!!!!!!!! im still kicking myself for not getting the denim sling bag thing.
  10. Have the shoulder tote and LOVE it! (And the wristlet, wallet and scarf too!)

    Pics in my link below!
  11. I really like them this season and in the past I haven't really been into the patchwork. I've been contemplating getting the swing pack too!
  12. i think they're cute...
    just that touch of pink is enough to sell me.
  13. actually, yes! much better than last year's. i have the shoulder tote on my wishlist to look at tonight.
  14. They're really pretty, I'd just be so scared of getting it dirty and ruining it though
  15. I don't particularlly like patchwork, but this year's is DEFINITELY growing on me!! actually, I was just on and was admiring it!