Does anyone knows this seller on ebay??

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks to jag for all his help!
    Newly Chloe Edith addict, just trying to make sure I won't waste my money with this seller called "hdbags" with store "ECLuxe Boutique"??
    thanks for your replies.
  2. I haven't personally bought anything from her but there is a PFer who did get something from her and the eBay ad picture of the bag wasn't the one she received? If you put a search in the chloe forum for her name you can get some posts about her. Hope that kind of helps!
  3. thanks you are a star!! You wouldnt know Designer fashions by Clarsanna??
  4. You may want to post in the eBay forum as you will get lots more replies in there.

    Ask the mods to move it for you as you can't have duplicate posts

    Good luck
  5. Are you the girl who bought that large chamois python just hours before I was going to???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. Tha do you mean me?

    Nope I wasnt that person.

    Does that mean you missed out?
  7. I think you mean "hgbags". If that is what you are asking about you can buy with confidence. I have bought many things from Erica and she is very reliable. Also, another TERRIFIC eBay seller that sells only the REAL thing and is completely reliable is Roz77772002. You don't have to worry about a thing. She is just about as perfect a seller that exists. I have bought most of my Chloe collection from her, (and those that have read my thread on my collection, know that it is extensive, to say the least...I think I could open a store at this point!) In any case, she can get you just about anything that you've seen, (if it's on the planet Earth, she'll find it!) so you can check out her site and/or email her with a request. She is amazingly knowledgable!
    Good luck:smile:
  8. I closed this threads because we need everyone to start posting questions about sellers in the Discuss Ebay/Resale Seller thread.

    Also, I want to remind everyone here that hgbags is a member as well, and while we can express our opinions about our experiences with various sellers, we need to be mindful that the boards are not for airing problems between members. If you have a personal issue with another member, please take it to PM. Thank you.
Thread Status:
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