Does anyone knows if Saks Chanel ship overseas?

  1. HI, does anyone know (or have made a purchase) if Saks Chanel ship overseas?
  2. I know NM can ship overseas... :graucho:
  3. I saw from another thread that only Saks carry the metallic black bowling black from Spring. I'm from Singapore and is interested in getting this bag.

  4. Saks does ship overseas though I've only bought from NM. I'm from Singapore too, and have just made a purchase from NM, very pleasant experience. Actually i'm sure one of the NMs will still have the metallic black bowler. Happy hunting! ;)
  5. Do you mind sharing which NM did u call? And is there any SA that you'll recommend?
  6. Just sent you a PM :P
  7. Just called HK and they are completely sold out of it. :sad: Anyway, would still like to thank you for the info.

    PS : I think yr mailbox has reached its limit, cos' I tried to send you a PM, and the system said that your mailbox has reached its limit.
  8. Hi joia..

    I'm from Singapore..can u pm me too??? Thks in advance

  9. they;re sold out in HK? O my. When I was in HK last month they were everywhere!

    and this is the info from the SAKS website...

    At the current time, shipping is only available within the USA. If you would like to have your order billed to an international address for items shipped within the USA, please enter the appropriate billing information during the checkout process.
  10. As far as I know NM and Saks doesn't accept international orders for now :yes: