does anyone knows about chanel in sydney's price?

  1. i am interest to get a classic flag in australia,
    or price in HK
    can anyone give me a hand ?:wlae:
  2. australia is expensive for chanel bags, more than it is in HK i believe.
    an east west flap is ~$2000AUD pre-price increase. as of 1st november, it is going up
  3. They had a price increase of 10% earlier in the year. Another 10% today. If it helps I bought my classic flap (jumbo in caviar, black, silver hardware) in december just last year (Melbourne) and it costs $2690 AUD then.
  4. wa....that's very expensive.i through jumbo is around $2300.
  5. pretty sure the jumbo caviar was (pre increase) $3070
    Now it will probably be around $3600... :sad:
  6. I'm so glad I got my Jumbo then....
  7. yes unfortunately sydney is not the place to go for designer bags. the range is limited and the prices are high
  8. Yes I must agree. GST has a different meaning in Australia...
  9. I would also like to know.
    Especially for Hong Kong :smile:
  10. In HK, the classic medium flap in caviar is HK$16,000, in lamb skin is HK$17,400 and the jumbo is HK$17,900. But these were the price before the price hike on 1 Nov. I have not yet checked out the new price yet. will let you know later.
  11. MayHo, You are such a doll! I would really appreciate it if you would be able to find out the prices post increase. I'm visiting HK in 8 days :o! I'm so excited. Anything that would be able to give me an estimate of how much I need to bring with me as spending money :smile:
  12. wah...good to hear that, thank you for telling the price in HK
    if you got the new price can you let us know as well?!cheers
    BTW,does HK got more colours? or have to pre order?!:love:
  13. Okay,
    Just came back from Macau and Hong Kong Chanels (in the last two days lol... bit obsessed...)
    Med double flap caviar 18900
    Med double flap lambskin 19900
    (I didn't check for the jumbos as I wasn't interested in them)
    Caviar E/W 14900 (or something in the 14000-15000 range, just under 15000 I believe)

    Hope this helps.
    HK Canton Rd has black and neutral/camel colours.
    Macau I think only had black
    On the other hand Macau has the Purple med croc skin *drools* and the Orange small flap.