Does anyone know?

  1. Helloo there,

    I'm curious if there are any online consignment,classifieds,forums for just designer goods?

    I'm looking for a used gucci wallet for a good price. ;/ :crybaby:


  2. Try ebay.
  3. hehe, besides ebay....

    Why is there not allowed any selling here on the forum?
  5. legal reasons.
  6. thank you very much! keep them coming! :biggrin:
  8. Yikes, that site looks worse than eBay!
  9. it is, i recently bought a juicy bag from someone, and i sent out my cehck, its been 2 months and havent haerd from them.

  10. You can always search ebay and then have your finds authenticated with the help of our wonderful ladies on tPF.