Does anyone know...

  1. if LV does store to store transfer? For example, if I'm looking for a certain bag but the local store doesn't carry it, would they locate it in another store (in another state) and then transfer it to the local store? Thanks!
  2. They'll mail it right to you - but I'm not sure about store to store transfer. Just phone 866-vuitton up to have them search for an item.
  3. thanks ayla!!
  4. Anything to unite a fellow Louis Vuitton lover.. with Louis Vuitton. :biggrin:
  5. they can do a transfer where you pay in store and they will ship to you but you will have to wait a couple of weeks. its not really a direct store to store transfer per se. this is what my SA told me =) i had asked because i wanted to pay cash and didnt want DH to know how much i was spending that month by using a credit card!
  6. thanks everlong! so i guess what you're saying is that i have to pay in the local store and then they will mail the item directly to me?
  7. I've done store to store transfers before.

    In Maui, the LV store called the Oahu LV to transfer a Shirley for me.

    Recently, the LV store in Valley Fair located a Red Epi Jasmin and transferred it to their store for my boyfriend to purchase. It took 3 weeks to get though.
  8. Yes, they can! When I was going to purchase my Le Fab, I didn't want to travel all the way to the store that had it in stock so they were going to send it to a dif. location, closer to where I live.
  9. I always do store to store transfers and never have them ship it to my house. I prefer having my SA call me once the items arrives in store so that I can pick it up in person and then pay for it afterwards.