Does anyone know...

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  1. How much the animal keyrings retail for at the outlets?

    I know they were £59 full price... Im just trying to work out whether one on ebay is a good deal or not :s

    I guess I could phone the outlets, but not sure whether they have any now, and whether they will post out just a keyring :lol:

    Thanks :tup:
  2. Bicester didn't have any when I went last weekend - I haven't tried any of the others.

    Good luck finding one.
  3. There were very few keyrings at Shepton today. They had one Leo & one Aquarius & all the others were leather hearts or metal hearts. I think the star sign ones were about £41.
  4. I have never seen them in Chesh Oaks,in fact I had to ring all over to find the cockroaches that I did get,they never seemed to have many in the Mulberry shop in Manc,certainly never the cockroaches.
  5. Ive been a bit cheeky and have asked a seller if she is negotiable on price (as the keyring doesnt have the top 'ring' just the clip)... trouble is Ive no clue really as to what would be a fair price... anyone any ideas?:s
  6. Oooo,in that case they retail at 59 quid new!
  7. Hi Hulahoop,

    York had some animal keyrings a couple of weeks ago - I think a red reindeer, some pigs in oak and red and something else too (can't remember what). Cost was £34 from £49.
  8. My kitty keyring was sent over from the UK and was on sale. Since I paid in US $, not really sure how much it was marked down. To be perfectly honest, it came with Jody and a wallet, so I didn't even ask the price!! eek ! I really wanted it! I really shouldn't do that! slap self
  9. york have a few the new season ones ie croc is marked down to £41 but it is sub marked it has a split in the leather on it's tail was tempted though it has a moving mouth very cute, have pigs all ok reindeer ok and the cock in tan or red i missed out on dog they had in a few weeks back fingers crossed they will get more in x
  10. Thanks everyone. Still tempted by the ebay one. I bit the bullet and phoned Bicester earlier, they have quite a few in at the moment - puppy, crocodile, seahorse, cockerel, deer, daschund and basset hound - the SA I spoke to said they were all £34. However the postage is £7.50 (thats their minimum charge), which seems a bit sily just for a little keyring.

    I'll keep thinking about it. Im going to York on 11 May (hopefully) and would love to be able to pick one in person, just to see a variety of designs and colours really. Knowing my luck York wont have any then though!

  11. Hello and welcome Robin :tup::yes: