Does anyone know ...

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  1. where the name Belen Echandia comes from? What it means? Ive looked on the website but couldnt see anything.

    Also - do you pronounce it Belen like Helen and Echandia like Etch-andia?? :shame:
  2. Here's an interview with Jackie you may find helpful.

    From what I understand, it is (phonetically) pronounced:
    Bel * n Esh * ahn * dee* uh ~ accent on the second syllable of Echandia
  3. I've read the first part of the interview, and if it's a Spanish girl's name, then it would be pronounced E chahn dia, si?
  4. runner22, yes, I believe you are right! Sheesh, my parents spoke Spanish amongst the several languages they spoke, and I took years of it in high school...and, add to this that hubby is a linguist and speaks a number of languages both dead and alive, and I can only speak American English.

    I wonder what this name means ~ anyone have any ideas?

    So, Bel * n Eh * shawn * dee * uh
  5. LOL ok so I'm a dork and a Spanish major so I decided to investigate.

    Belen=Bethlehem, also a girl's name. Bethlehem means "house of bread".
    I haven't found a meaning for Echandia yet!
  6. im going to ask Jackie! Im in the midst if placing my order for the hug me ...