Does Anyone Know?????

  1. If there are anymore speedy multicolor fringe bags available?
  2. i'm not 100% sure. but i called my SA earlier this week for other things and she had mentioned that she wanted to show me the new mc fringe bags (hopefully she means the actual bags and not pictures lol). so you might want to call the hawaii stores for them.
  3. There are some authentic ones on ebay right now
  4. I know...there like $5K? What the F@#k are they thinking?
  5. There is one from let-trade I think that is really close to retail or is exactly retail(not sure off the top of my head)
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  7. me a tight ass, eluxury has me spoiled with the no tax and free shipping, so when I have to pay full price plus tax and shipping..well let's just say it bites a hole in my ass.LOL
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  9. I think that one is less than retail
  10. Just trying to help ya out
  11. You'd better snatch it before somebody else!
  12. It's hard to say, but the best thing you can do is just ask to be put on the waitlist for one at your local boutique. Last I checked, my store had the fringe bucket in stock, but not the speedy. My mom is waiting for a call from our SA about the fringe speedy...but it's not definite whether or not they'll get one in.
  13. I know Toronto store had a couple of them for sale a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure if they still do.
  14. I believe I saw one at the Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack NJ yesterday.