Does anyone know...

  1. If there is anywhere in Dublin that sells Mulberry?

    Im going in a few weeks and fancy having a look at the new collections stuff. There isnt anywhere in the city that i live that sells mulberry, and I would love to have a look at the new bags IRL.

    Thanks :tup:
  2. Brown Thomas on Grafton Street only place.
  3. Lovely, thank you, I'll take a wander through there when Im over!
  4. Fab store, I spent hours in there! Be warned though, the exchange rate makes everything bloomin' expensive!
  5. Oooooh Im dying to have a look now! Is it a bit like our 'House of Fraser' then?

    Aine1313, are you in Ireland then? *nosysmilie* :lol: If I remember rightly from a previous thread you also have an orla kiely bag, is that right? Do you know where they are stocked in Dublin? (Im dying for one of her new seasons bags but simply cannot justify it at the moment... I might get away with it if its bought as a 'holiday treat' though :lol:)
  6. Dawson Street in the Kilkenny Shop sell Orla Kiely bags. Dawson street is just beside Grafton Street,the best area in Dublin to shop.
  7. Thanks aine, I'll definately check it out!!
  8. Sorry Hula it's Nassau street!
  9. Hula, let me know if you see the Jodie bag. It's the bag that has a shoulder handle and doubles as a tote. Just being curious.....
  10. Sorry Kroquet,but she won't see it in Dublin(no specialised mulberry stores),better chance asking the UK ladies
  11. Thanks Aine!