Does Anyone Know......................

  1. A European stockist of the Black & White Pony Decollete? Manolochloe has a couple of pairs in the US (pic is theirs) but the customs duties when they get to the UK will kill me. Can anyone give me any tips on where to get hold of this TDF shoes? :shrugs:
  2. Hey chins, I've got the pony hair in this same style coming but in the Prives..I got them in a 4 but not sure if they will fit... I can keep you updated.

    Also, I seen a pair of these on eBay...could try there?
  3. Thanks Poshchick - keep me updated. Will keep an eye on eBay for European pairs, let me know if you spot any b4 me!
  4. I know, I've been looking at those but the customs duties will be a killer, probably stick another £100 on the price. much do I want them??
  5. Customs?! Eeek! I've got shoes coming from America I hope they don't get stopped :sad: I didn't even think of that!x
  6. I know, it's a nightmare. So many CLs in the US that it's difficult to get here but you have to add on about 25% to whatever you pay to cover duties & handling fees when they get here...........makes this a v.expensive habit!:cursing:
  7. Here's hoping they miss mines!
  8. Fingers crossed for you, let me know.............