Does anyone know

  1. There are somethings that I want coming out in February. Have any of you tried purchasing them with the PCE thats going on now? I was going to put a call into my boutique and find out if they would honor it, before I drove the 40 minutes there.
  2. I bought a Feb release using the PCE card. I did this is November as well. I don't know if they are supposed to honor it but they seem to.
  3. Some SAs will and some won't :confused1:
  4. My boutique allowed me to do this yesterday. I ordered the Legacy Bridgit and the release date is sometime in February. I called on Monday to make sure they would allow me to place the order because, like you, I didn't want to drive there for nothing.
  5. Yesterday I went into my boutique with my PCE card and asked if they could order me the pink/khaki heritage stripe tote using my discount and they did! :smile:
  6. FYI, I called my boutique and she said no then I told her other places did so she checked with her manager and they are letting me do it!!! Yippee!!!! I am going down there tomorrow. I am thinking of getting everything on my wishlist but curious about the wrislets. I really do not NEED another one. What do y'all think??
  7. I just ordered the heritage stripe set also in khaki/pink using my PCE. I can't wait to get it!