Does anyone know...?

  1. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I saw it on the Coach website but when I wanted to order it, I got a message that it was unavailable to order online. Now it's no longer pictured on the website. Any information would be great. Thank you in advance. :flowers:
  2. Isn't that the Lily satchel?
  3. Yes, I believe that's the Lily satchel. I'd call JAX and ask them if it's still available. I think black still is.
  4. That's not the Lily. I think this was posted in another thread and they said it was the Hamptons something. We were thinking it was the mini Lily that is supposed to come out but that wasn't it either. I'll look around in the thread to see if I can find it.
  5. It's not the Lily, I think it's a travel bag, but I can't completely remember the name. If I remember it was alot more money than the Lily, and even bigger.
  6. Well this is the Lily:
    And here's the Hampton's Vintage Carryall:

    Still not sure about the one the OP posted...
  7. It's called the X-large Hampton Carry-on bag-I can't find the number, but if I find it I will post it-It was $1450.00
  8. Oh, yeah! I remember the big bag! I believe it was sold out.
  9. I found the style no. 11081
  10. Found it, it's 11081

    Here's a bigger pic:


    ETA: LOL! Posted at the same time!
  11. Yes that is definitely a luggage piece...not sure what it is called, but call JAX with the item # and they can tell you.
  12. Wow, thanks for information! I will contact JAX to see if it's possibly still available.

    Thank you!:p - "tlloveshim" & "amy7572"
  13. WOW... that is gorgeous. Was it still available??? I never saw that bag.