Does anyone know.......

  1. If H made a Belles du Mexique scarf in the grand mousseline?
  2. I've never seen one in chiffon. Only Cashmere and Twill.
    It would be beautiful though!!
  3. I thought so as well -- and I am wanting to wear one with a black dress to a "Fiesta"-themed party this weekend! Oh, well. May have to settle for twill.....
  4. Have fun at the party, funnyredhed! Do take some pictures of yourself and post if you can.
  5. Danse du cosmos is pretty festive!!! Lots of swirly ribbons, etc.

    (just enabling....) the GM mousseline is gorgeous!!!!
  6. funnyredhead i think they did. u should call the biggest store in your area and ask perhaps they can help. it is gorgeous, i would love to see it in your version!