Does anyone know.................

  1. Hi im sort of new here and i admire everyones chanel bags but i came across this picture of nicky hilton recentley with a chanel bag that i love and if anyone knows the name, year and if it is avaliable as i really want to purchase (first) chanel and it would be great if it where this one. thanks.

    LOVE IT!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. I think it's a Kelly. :biggrin:
  3. ^^ Yep, that looks like the Kelly bag.
  4. Yes it's a kelly and they are still available - you'll just need to call around.
  5. It's a Kelly!it's so pretty!
    i saw it at Chanel SF last week..good luck in your search, it's cute IRL ;)
  6. there is one at NM BH
  7. that is such a cute bag but i have not yet seen it in the uk. there are celebs who carry chanel bags in the us than they do here so they are less exposed. but i loovvveee them.:heart:
  8. oohh! I have that bag! Love it!!