Does anyone know....

  1. If the Twiggy came in Blue India? :confused1: If so, and you have one, could you post pics please? :yes:
  2. :nuts: Thank you fiatflux!!!!! Now help me find one!!!! LOL!!!! :nuts:
  3. I think there was one in the last PDF that Aloha Rag sent out?? But it was last updated in January - so I have no idea what they still have... Good luck!
  4. Really? I still have that PDF....I'll look! Thanks a bunch! :heart:
  5. Yep!! You were right!! I'm going to email them! :nuts:
  6. Any luck with Aloha Rag?? Be sure to keep us posted!!! :yes:
  7. :crybaby: I finally heard back from AR tonight....they sold the last BI Twiggy and will not have it in stock again. :cry: WAAAHHH!!! Ok, now I am on the hunt! :search:
  8. Good luck! Blue India Twiggy is a great colour/style combo!

    If I see any on this side of the pond I will let you know.

  9. The Twiggy in BI is great – I have one!
  10. Cult status has / had one but they are more pricey. They sent me pics a little while ago but it wasnt for me. Hope this helps!!
  11. Thanks pinkchristie!

    Roxane show me a pic! Was trying to see how it compares to Navy which I also love! :rolleyes: Wonder if Navy would be easier to find, or is that an even older color?