Does anyone know why....

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  1. Louis Vuitton does not do more to shut someone like Bergacci down? Can't they do a cease and desist or do you think they are somehow profiting from this as well??? (scary thought) I mean, think about it. They would probably make quite a killing being able to sell to more people who can afford the Bergacci price without losing face?

    just wondering what everyone thinks.
  2. I was thinking about that the other day. I have seen other sites be shut down before, yet not much is being done about Bergacci? I thought you could report the Web site to LV, and it would be looked into?

    It should be shut down, look how many people have come here wanting a refund after purchasing from them! That should be enough to shut them down. Ugh, scammers :suspiciou
  3. I don't understand why people would fall into the trap that they can purchase a bag that is worth thousands of dollars by a couple of hundreds. I once fell into this trap but was able to return the merchandise and luckily got a refund. It would be better to just save the money until yuou can get enough and get the real thing IMO.
  4. yes, but my question is why doesn't LV shut them down? they gotta know they exist because they are so blatant. and LV certainly has the means?

  5. Good point.
  6. I wonder if...

    The LVMH umbrella doesn't cover many of the brands that are advertised. So LV taking legal action would benefit the other labels at no cost.

    I that possible?
  7. well, I think their actions would only affect their brand. the other labels would have to fend for themselves.
  8. But if LV did anything about it, the whole site would be shut down. And nevermind.
  9. I think it is totally weird that this site still exists. I would hope that the designers' lawyers would be on top of this. Bergacci sells expensive fakes. I would think that LV, Fendi, whatever would want all that money for themselves.

    I hope designers are not profiting from Bergacci. The only way they could is if Bergacci does indeed buy returns from boutiques. Bergacci could be selling a mix of returns and superfakes. I really doubt this but how else would designers make money off Bergacci? Like I said this situation is outright weird and I hope this site goes away soon!
  10. I remember Marc Jacobs saying in an article he was flattered by all the fakes. I guess he doesn't mind at all.
  11. I don't think designers are profiting from Bergacci, because from their web site it's obvious the other bags on Bergacci look like horrible fakes ( Fendi spy:sick: Chanel:sick: ...list goes on....:sick: )
    They do not look real at all. The only "real" looking ones are the LVs which they got the pictures from Eluxury:Push: Check out the Balencigas on their site they look like craps.
  12. I was actually watching MJ on Oprah and he did say that. He also mentioned that LV does despises counterfeits. If so, then why is Bergacci still in business?
  13. thats why I wonder if LV is getting some sort of kick-back from their sales. like a licensing agreement. lets face it, the cost of their bags limit their consumer base.
  14. I think the time and money LV needs to put in to file lawsuits against all website counterfitters would cost the company so much more money than for them to not say anything. Most people who buy fake LV cannot afford the real deal anyways; if there were no fakes avaliable to the public the people who are buying them would just get other purses. I really doubt they would save up to buy the real thing. So at the end i really don't think it hurts LV all that much. It just pisses me off that all of us on here buy authentic purses and have people second guessing our purse authenticity becasue of fakes.:evil:
  15. I hear you. But I think a "cease and desist" filing would cost a drop in the bucket to LV. They don't need to take anyone to court to prove anything - it's flat out copyright infringement. They need to make an example of somebody don't they?