Does anyone know who will be carrying this Chloe in white?

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  1. gp_043.jpg

    I believe this is the Large Pouch Paddington Bag. I've already contacted Net-A-Porter and LVR and each have told me that they wouldn't be carrying this color. Does anyone know who will be?
  2. i was wondering about that bag too!!!i think it's so gorgeous!!!i think i saw it
  3. I think the one Bijin posted is actually the medium pocket. There is a size difference and the large has wraparound straps that go to the front pocket. I ordered one (large) in mousse from LVR, and they have the taupe, but no white. I think LVR did have a medium in white. No idea who is going to carry the actual white, but since it's a summer bag it may just not be out yet. I am sure someone here will let us know as soon as one is spotted! Love our forum!!!
  4. Hi!
    I ordered mine (Whisky) from Chloe in Munich and they told me they one in white too. They might ship it. It's a great bag, I live it!!!!
  5. Nicolette, are you still loving yours?
  6. If I recall correctly, Chloe NYC had the medium pocket paddy in blanc. I know they also carried the large, but did not ask about colors...
  7. You can see the two (big pocket and medium pocket) on the "Chloe Zippy Bouler in Medium and Large" thread, page 3. The big pocket looks more square, while the medium looks about the same size as the regular Paddy but without the "triangular" shape.
  8. ETenebris!:P
    Yessss!!!! Some woman on the street asked me where I got it from and it gets a lot of attention. Love it love it love it!!! :love: W"hat did you decide on?
  9. I ordered the big pocket in mousse from LVR. WAITING for it to ship, although it was available at the time I ordered (on the 9th according to Italy). I am hoping it will ship out tomorrow so I can have it by the end of the week. :nuts:
  10. can't wait so see pics!!!!