Does anyone know who the designer of this fabulous handbag is???

  1. It's a Kooba Charlie. I love it. I have been eyeing it for a while. It also comes with a long shoulder strap.
  2. wow its cute. does it come in other colors?
  3. That is super cute!

  4. I saw that the other day on that website. Kooba Charlie! Looks fabulous, doesn't it? IRL it is to die for.
  5. Ah yes, the Kooba Charlie...I saw one a couple of weeks ago at Saks in luggage and it was a beauty. Great choice!
  6. oh my gosh!! what a gorgeous bag! that ivory color is sooo elegant!
  7. Oh My Gosh!! Thank You So Much Armcandylvr!!
  8. I love the luggage color. Great looking bag!
  9. oh why did I click on this thread? that bag is gorgeous:yes: and I'm sure I don't need I? Yikes!
  10. I love that rose color. Cute bag.
  11. Beautiful bag! I love it in the rose color, but the ivory is nice too.
  12. don't know but it's cute!
  13. I had never heard of this brand, let alone seen it.

    The minute I saw the Charlie in luggage I had to have it. LOLOL, although I thought it was darker, I am actually glad it is a lighter colour, it is absolutely gorgeous.

    Hope these pics come through this time.

    I love the top fastening of it, which I hope is shown here.
    KooCharlie2a.jpg KooCharlieaaab.jpg