Does anyone know who makes Jessica's red bag?

  1. its not from her line

  2. looks like ralph lauren?
  3. No idea. She's so stunning - but her posture looks so weird in this pic!
  4. i like her shoes!
  5. I think this was a "filming" scene for her movie (spin-off of Working Girl), can't remember the name.
  6. I want that bag.
  7. Well, how apropos.

  8. looks like that's it!
  9. Look at the profile thought, the name, sig, it's just some little PR person somewhere
  10. I thought it looked like a red Ricky by R Lauren but haven't seen it in red, so am probably wrong.
  11. ralph lauren
  12. Looks Like A Brahmin
  13. It's cute.
  14. Looks like Ralph Lauren. And totally unrelated-Doesn't it make people so mad that she makes like millions of dollars ripping off famous designers shoe designs when she is probably wearing the real things herself! it makes me so angry!!!