Does anyone know who makes Jessica's new bag?

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  1. idea, although my guess would be Nancy Gonzalez too, only because I read somewhere that she carries bags from that line. I don't know about you, but when I loaded the second picture, it enlarged Jessica's lips and I got really distracted by them...were they ever that large?
  2. I don't know either but I'm likin' it!

    P.S. SuLi - she's been filler injections lately for sure.
  3. i'd guess nancy gonzalez too, since she's known for her skin bags.
  4. If it's crocodile - I take my first comment back. Ewwwwwwww.
  5. I don't mean this as bad as it sounds...but what's up w/ the ugly girl w/ the Monogram Mizi in the background of the 1st pic?
    (Hateful, I know, and sorry if she's a family member of anyone! lol)
  6. that is my hat!!!!
    ste stole my hat!!!!
  7. haha i was thinking the same thing
  8. maybe FURLA?
  9. can anyone else think of who makes crocodile bags?
  10. I thought I'd revive this to see if any of the new members may know who makes this bag. I really like it. (The one JS is carrying);)
  11. I think it's Nancy Gonzalez.. but not all of NG bags are available online.
  12. the edges look vaguely bottega veneta-ish, but i'm going to stick with my original pick of nancy gonzalez
  13. Lovely bag.... I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's nancy gonzalez
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