Does anyone know who made this dress?

  1. I agree, its devine, sorry I do not know who the designer is, but it looks really easy to wear :smile:
  2. that's a very cute idea for the brand!!!:shrugs:
  3. oh wow, that's so cute, i want one! i've seen a similar pattern in some stuff recently from laundry by shelli segal (or whatever her name is), let me look around.
  4. ok, so this was the dress i was thinking of, i think:

    so if anyone knows what dress the first one is, let me know! annie and i will be twins, because i will buy one too!
  5. It looks a bit like Tocca, too, I think. But I checked their resort collection and didn't see it. Cute sundresses that are kind of similar though. Also, looks like something they would carry at Anthropologie. Checking their site now ...
    1077_large.jpg 1075_large.jpg 1079_large.jpg
  6. It is Tocca! It's from their Spring 2007 collection. Here's another picture! You should be able to find it somewhere soon if it's not already in stores. Good luck! I think we'll all be looking for it. Whoever finds it first, please post details!
  7. that is a very cute dress its looks comfy too
  8. ^^^
    SCORE! Surlygirl, you totally rock. THANK YOU! Wanna be triplets with Amanda and I? ;)
  9. I am SO in! How cute are we going to be? Why am I calling the Tocca showroom in NY to find out who has the dress??!
  10. That's a hot dress!
  11. It's really cute.
  12. Yay! Another mystery solved by the PF!
  13. i want i waaaaaaant! if anyone sees it anywhere online/knows when it comes out/knows the price, let me know!