Does anyone know who has a vert d'eau twiggy in stock?

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  1. I may need one. Does anyone know of a store that has one in stock?

  2. I think Diabro has one.....
  3. I believe Aloha Rag still has them, or they did earlier this week anyhow.
  4. ^^ I agree, they had them earlier this week.
  5. Also, Susan in Burlingame had one two weeks ago. And they've had them for awhile.

    Their number is: (650) 347-0452
  6. Sorry but what is Burlingame?
  7. Burlingame is a city in California, just about 30 minutes from San Francisco. They will ship you one if you are in the U.S.

    The store itself is called "Susan," and they have some Vert Deau Twiggys I believe. If they don't - their other store in SF may have one as well. Just ask.
  9. Yeah, I would highly recommend either Susan's or Aloha Rag ... Diabro has been questionable lately and I think it's more of a pain to return items if they're defective.

    Aloha Rag has a restocking fee for returns; I'm not sure what Susan's return policy is.
  10. Thank you!
  11. Try Aloha Rag first. Susan has a crappy return policy - they have none!

    So, try Aloha Rag first and bite the $50 if you don't like it. They are usually really helpful when it comes to what type of bag you want (veins, texture).

    But I bought a Vert Deau Twiggy there before, and it was perfect except the bottom was mis-stitched. Not a minor flaw either...the stitching went all sorts of crooked. They accepted it back as a defective, but make sure they don't try to sell it to you.
  12. PS - Happy hunting! [ ;