Does anyone know who has a pale pink PURSE?

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  1. I bought a pale pink purse from Cult Status and I don't like it at all so I am sending it back. It is very matte and the leather is dry and the color was a huge disappointment. I have seen so many nice pictures of pale pink so know there were nice ones out there. Does anyone know where else I can get one? I know it is a longshot but I don't want to give up yet. I figure since CS had some, someone else still might.

    I should add that Cult Status is really nice and helpful and I would recommend buying from them.
  2. Oh so sorry to hear that. Firstclass recently got her pale pink purse.
  3. There was one on eBay last week or so and I dont know if a PFer got it???
  4. BUMMER!

    Have you tried Aloha Rag? Or you could try Cosmopolitan Shoes in Double Bay, Australia?

    They dont have an email address to write to, so you will have to call.

    If you want, I can call because it will be cheaper - seeing as though I'm in the country.

    If you want to call though their number is (02) 9362 0510
  5. I did see that one after it sold to someone on another forum that I belong to and it did look nice. But at the time, I didn't realize how hard they are to find in stores. And I knew CS had one but I just didn't realize that the variation in leather was so great on that color.

    I always end up wanting really hard to find bags that are being discontinued.
  6. I can't call because they are only open around 9pm my time and if DH finds out, he will be mad. (Bad me, I know).
  7. Ok, hang tight!

    It's 8:40am here, so I have to wait another 20 mins before they open.

    I'll call them and see if they have one in stock and then I'll let you know.
  8. Thanks, so much FC. You are sweet to do it.
  9. No probs.

    I'll let you know soon

  10. Still not answering... LAZY PEOPLE :p

    I'll try and call later in the morning, hopefully someone will be there by then!
  11. Bad News... they only have the Day in Pale Rose

    They didnt even know what the Purse Style was!

    I had to email them pics and give dimensions...

    Worth a try anyway... sorry darls

    I even sent the SA the naff website and told her it may be a good reference for her (in a nice way of course!)
  12. Ohh Allison..... :wtf: I'm so sorry to hear that :sad: !! I also bought my Pale Rose Purse from CS approx. 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with it :love: - I love and prefer the matte and thick leather much more than the shiny. I hope you'll find another one soon - I'll keep open my eyes ;) :yes:

  13. AlisonFaye: I will keep an eye open in Scotland for you;)

    FirstClass: I never get tired of looking at your beautiful Purses!:nuts:
  14. firstclass, your Purse is stunning! I am so hooked on the Purse style now. It's perfect for me! I have gone through First's, City's & Day's and I always had a niggling feeling they just weren't comfy on me. The PURSE however is AMAZING!!!