Does anyone know who designs this bag?

  1. [​IMG]


    If anyone knows please let me know, I just love it.
  2. looks vintage. like something in my granny's closet
  3. the jane mayle bags are hot in NYC right now. apparently, jane's a former model. anyways, love the bag!
  4. like the scarf Kirsten's wearing even better!!
  5. It's design is simple and clear.
  6. HI! This was my auction - I had the Billie for sale and changed my mind. The color of the leather is very original - a mix of rich purple and deep blue. The suede sides are cool along w/the brass cameo pulls. I didn't realize Greendrv had it on her site!
  7. It's probably a Mayle bag. That seems to be her usual.
  8. I decided I'm too short for this purse after all so back up it's definitely Mayle Billie that Kiki is carrying - she has one in gray, maroon and black. She also has the smaller style in white.
  9. i want a mayle bag sooo bad
  10. anyone selling their mayle billies lately?