Does anyone know who designer Nicole Richie's dress she wore to Court?

  1. Hello alll...

    I really really really :heart::heart::heart: nicole's dress!! Does anyone know who its by??

    Please let me know!

    nicolecourtdress.jpg nicolecourtdress2.jpg
  2. She did pull off the Class look though. What bag is she carrying???
  3. nobody? :sad:
  4. I love that dress. She looked great
  5. The black dress is by Moschini. It's part of the Fall/Winter 2007/2008 Pre-Collection. The bag is Chloe Heloise.:smile:
  6. Its Moschino..its part of the Fall/Winter 2007/8 Pre-Collection.
  7. yeey!!.. I know i am asking for too much but by any chance would you where i can find one?
  8. ohhh and what's the name of the dress?
  9. One of the better outfits she's pulled off!!
  10. the dress is really cute, a big surprise from her IMO. i am so disappointed whenever i see her Simple Life show, every time she opens her mouth it's either swearing or insulting language. is that what she is really like??
  11. the dress is from moschino it retails $850
  12. Merci beaucoup all!
  13. Nicoles style always amazes me.
    I have a fansite for her