Does anyone know which Marc by Marc Jacobs bag this is?

  1. I saw someone at the airport with this bag and I asked her the brand, and she said its Marc by Marc Jacobs but about 10 years old. Anyone know where I can buy a good conditioned used one, or if they still make this, or a very similar style?



  2. looks like the Too Hot to Handle Bentley

    MBMJ is discontinued so you'll have to look on secondhand sites like eBay, Poshmark, etc. There are other styles in the Too Hot to Handle collection that are similar, if you can't find that exact one, like the THTH Shopper
    and THTH Satchel
  3. thank you for the info!!! thats so helpful! why did the cancel mbmj?
  4. Also, I found a listing on eBay for one--are there fake marc jacobs bags out there, or is it most likely this one is real? Thanks!
  5. marc jacobs collection and mbmj merged into one line into 2016. some mbmj styles are still made (with some changes to them) as outlet bags but i don't think any THTH styles are
  6. thank you so much!!
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