Does anyone know where???

  1. Does anyone know other sites where you can sell similar to eBay? I would rather do a auction then consignment if possible. Anyone ever try somewhere else?

  2. in my experience, the other ones are very rinky dink compared to eBay. also, everyone thinks the eBay fees are ridiculous, but consignment fees make ebay look crazy cheap

    if I may ask, why are you against ebay, I know it's not perfect, but in my opinion, it's the best option around even with the flaws

    another place for handbags is the forum on here for trading etc handbags, but you have to qualify to be a member
  3. What about using a trading assistant via eBay. Will cost you more than listing yourself but your items will get the best possible exposure and hopefully the best prices
  4. Have you tried Craigslist?

    You can list whatever you have for sale in the appropriate category, add 4 pictures, and add more via Photobucket, and sell for free. Buyer will come and meet at neutral place (never at your home) and pay cash (never accept cashiers check without varifying it). I sold many items on Craigslist and it worked just fine.

    Here is the link to the Chicago Craigslist: