Does anyone know where YSL outlets are located (in the US)?

  1. I've never seen a YSL outlet and wanted to know where they were...

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be appreciated! :flowers:

  2. My sister told me that they have one in Woodberry Commons in NJ/NY area
  3. yes, there is one in Cabazon, I've been to it several times. Selection is minimal, I'd say call ahead to check what they have.
  4. I stopped by the Cabazon outlet on the way back from Arizona 2 days after Thanksgiving and it wasn't as crowded as I thought (maybe because it was only 10AM). The YSL store had a handful of bags displayed at the very front (sage and black med size Rive Gauche) and another 8-10 throughout the store. If I recall, the Rive Gauches were 20% off. The only thing I noticed was that the sage one looked like it was an display item (or sent to the outlet from another store). Aside from the bags, they have some shoes and had a nice selection of solid color knits. As BalenciagaLove1 says, you should call ahead of time if you are looking for a specific item!