Does anyone know where you can buy the Bracelet Bags

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    I am obsessed with the Chloe Bracelet bags since getting my first one as a gift recently. Does anyone know any stores that stock them as keen to build my collection!
  2. Neiman Marcus has one for a whopping $3000 !!! :wtf:

    I usually see them on eBay though for way less :p
  3. wow thats a lot of dollars! Do you have the link sherry? must go and have a look!!!!

    Congrats on your new purchases coming
  4. Oh Sherry its fab too!

    Gosh - keep me posted on your hunt too! Would be intrigued to see what you can get. Your brown sounds lovely
  5. Check/Call the Chloe Boutiques -- I've seen them from time to time at 40% off.
  6. ^^^ cool thanks - will do
  7. Hi lush

    Thanks for that it's gorgeous. I have never heard of this site - have you ordered from them before? are they legit? (assume they are if you have sent this on!)
  8. hi secret.. i have not ordered from them before, but i was just browsing through the chanel forums and saw this website was recommended for chanel bags by a member, i mean not exactly recommended, but like how i posted this link,a Chanel fan had posted finds from this place.. so i figured it is legit.. i am not 100% sure...sorrie..:sad:
  9. lush no probs - thanks for that - will do a bit more investigating on it as it looks lovely. Keep you posted
  10. hope all turns out cool with the site (fingers crossed) coz that one is such a beauty and a bit of a steal as well!
    keep updating...:heart:
  11. well done secret..! that is really beautiful bag...! and at a good price... Lucky lucky you..
    dnt forget to post pics when you recieve it..x

  12. So lucky getting one as a gift, congrats lovely bags!