Does anyone know where you can buy Marc Cain omline?

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  1. Hi Everyone.

    I recently got a bunch of Marc Cain stuff from a local boutique and I'm trying to find some mroe stuff online, but not having much luck!

    do you guys know a site where I could find some of the pricing on the items?
    (besides like yoox) and i know some store in the UK something with AF.


  2. I am a big Marc Cain fan too!! I haven't found anywhere online that sells Marc Cain. Sunday Best used to have a small slection online but then they took it all off. I live on an Island where there is only a tiny Marc Cain selection so i get sent the MC Catalogue each season then do mail orders over the phone with Jenny from the Marc Cain boutique in Southport. They also do refunds if something you order isn't what you expected you an return it. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello,
    I run a small online dress agency and pick up a lot of Marc Cain. I list it on my ebay store which is debsinamourata - Inamourata Clothes Agency and on too. Please feel free to get in touch - I have three clients who all spend a fortune there every season and pass their past season on to me!
  4. Please note that Marc Cain now has an on-line web shop!
    Follow the following link:

    You can order clothes of all of their Collection Themes and they also have clothes on sale!
    You have to pay postage when you order, but you can return without additional postage.
  5. I was so excited to find the link...thank you...but how do you acutally order any of the clothes.. and the prices... would love some help... as absolutely love marc cain !! :smile:

  6. Not sure what language your brower is showing when you click on the link, but if it is in German you can change the language of the web site to English by clicking on EN at the lower left bottom of the web site (where it says Sprache).
    Once you see everything in English it will make more sense on how to order.
    What I noticed myself is that if I open the web site while being at work, I don't see any prices nor can I order. This is probably because my company has a firewall which allows me to view the products but not order them.
    If I open de web site from my pc at home I see the prices (in Euro's) underneath each photo and you can order by clicking on the price and then add it to the shopping cart.
    So if you don't see prices underneath the pictures you are probably behind a firewall or some other type of protected network.
    My advice is to try another pc (or laptop) from a different location.
    I really hope this will work for you!
    Good luck and don't buy too much!! :biggrin:
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    Last edited: May 28, 2012
    Thanks so much for taking time to reply... I am still unable to open the full marc cain web site with the prices & shopping cart... :sad:.. their new collection looks awesome.
  8. Thanks so much for taking time to reply... I am still unable to open the full marc cain web site with the prices & shopping cart... :sad:.. their new collection looks awesome.
  9. Im a fan of Marc Cain too. There is a lovely store in Southport (north of Liverpool) which I visit whilst there. I havent tried online though.
  10. Hi Liz,
    Sorry to hear that you have not been able to see the price nor order from the Marc Cain web site.
    The country from where you are trying to access the web site from might be the reason as to why you don't see the price and ordering options.
    I checked with one of my IT colleagues, and he suggested to try to access the web site through a proxy server that is located in either The Netherlands or Germany.
    If you google on free proxy servers you will find web sites where you can log on to a proxy server in specific countries (like The Netherlands or Germany) and once you are on that proxy server you should be able to view all prices and order from the Marc Cain web site.
    Please let me know if you need any further guidance. Not sure if I will be able to help out, but I don't mind trying :smile:
  11. below is the email I received from Marc Cain re trying to buy their clothes online....

    I live in Sydney Australia:....

    Dear Mrs Platt,

    thank you for your message.
    Actually it is only possible to order from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands because we only deliver to these countries.
    I'm sorry.

  12. Hi Everyone,
    Just to let you know that you can now buy Marc Cain online with UK and Worldwide shipping at Happy shopping !!!!
  13. I recommend this website . You will spend only a few minutes and will certainly get what you want.