Does anyone know where to get the little Stam?

  1. Hi, I have been looking all over for the Little Stam in Mouse. Anyone know where I might find it?
  2. Bloomies in Riverside.
  3. I know my Nordies had one, check your local Nordies and if they don't have it, they could always transfer it in for you. There's also one on eBay but I think it's listed at retail price.
  4. Call Nordies. I know mines had one for sure. You can always chargesend like thithi said.
  5. There's a little stam at NM in SF. I think the color is Cashew.
  6. Try the Bloomie's in Fashion Island, CA and the Neiman Marcus at Oakbrook Mall, IL. I think I saw one at both (though I can't recall 100% for sure)
  7. Saw it at Bloomies in Roosevelt Field this past weekend.
  8. remember seeing one in bloomies chicago! gluk
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