Does anyone know where to find a black mini flap??

  1. Hey ladies,
    Has anyone seen a Chanel mini flap in the stores anywhere, preferably a black caviar one? Also, does anyone know the retail of this cute bag? Thanks!
  2. I think there's one at my Saks. Try Delyse at 248-808-0712, she's my fave SA, super nice. If they don't have it, she'll find you one. I don't know how much they are now, I purchased mine Dec. 2006 before the price increase for about $1050-ish. I love it. It's great if you need to be hands-free (which I do with 2 small kids).
  3. I am looking too anyone saw them in store ?
  4. I would love a red caviar one.
  5. thanks aprilvalentines, i will give your SA a call tomorrow and ask. If it was $1050 at the end of Dec. 06, I'm guessing it has to be $1500 now minimum, probably closer to $2000 though. Price hikes kill me!!
  6. it was 1395 after the price increase last year in feb in i think?
  7. OMG, I'd kill for a red one!
  8. Don't forget all the classics are going up again in Febuary, so get it now!
  9. aprilvalentines,
    I called Delyse and she said they were all out and wasn't sure when they were going to get new ones in. I did find out the retail of it tho, it's $1725! A bit pricey for a tiny thing but it is just adorable though!
  10. $1725! :shocked: That's ridiculous! I'd try to scout one out on eBay then.
  11. There was one at the Chanel at SCP a few weeks ago!
  12. I just saw one today with the reissue clasp and classic chain (Dark Metal) at NM in SF. It's not Caviar, but I inspected it thoroughly and it is gorgeous - If interested call ZiZi at 510/604.1987. Tell her Maryann recommended her :smile:.