Does anyone know where to buy a new red or brown Venetia?

  1. I have no clue where to look and I would love to buy both of these bags, but havent been able to find either online.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated!
  2. I would especially love to buy the Brick Red or Cocoa colors!
  3. did you try eBay> I have one in rust which the best of both worlds, rust is a brownish red, really gorgeous, you'd be suprised of the finds on eBay, i almost always get my bags from there, but sip clutches are too hard to find there, so I have to get those from the store, unless a really nice one comes up. Good luck and post pics, when you get your bag, i'm sure you'll find it, it just takes time.
  4. They had a brown venetia at the Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Corner, VA earlier today - it was on sale too. I'm not sure of the exact color name, but it was a rich reddish brown color. Very pretty.