Does anyone know where the date code is on a Damier Saleya?

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  1. I can't find it.:shrugs:
  2. did you buy it from a LV store or from eBay?
  3. Along the seam inside the pocket:
  4. Now that you mentioned it - I can't find mine either and I bought it in an LV boutique. I looked inside the pocket as much as I could get in it and I don't see anything. Mine is made in France, does that make a difference in placement?
  5. I've never been able to find mine either, even turned the lining inside out and inspected with a flashlight.
    Mine is from elux...
  6. I found it! Its exactly the same as in Irene's picture, thanks Irene! Mine is made in France and from elux. Does that make a difference?
  7. I just found mine also - just where Irene indicated - but it is so difficult to see, embedded in the fabric in the same color - could they make it any harder????
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