Does anyone know where I could

  1. find a city?

    I am not picky about the color, but I would like something with 05 leather or older.

    Does anyone know of any stores that have any or where I could find some? I do not mind ebay, but I just cant always tell what is real and fake.

  2. What do you think of 6883875809 on ebay?
  3. I know that in other countries (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong), some high-end boutiques do carry the older seasons, simply because the turn-over rate is not as high as in Europe and the U.S.

    I think there was a post about someone seeing past season's bags in Capri...or at the Koh Samui store in London:

    I don't know any specific information, but if I wanted an older "new" bag, then I would look outside the U.S....
  4. Thank you!

    I think I want a black city.
  5. zacorey has a black city from f/w 05 she's letting go. The leather's very smooth and barely distressed at all
  6. ^Thank you!

    I hope it isnt on ebay yet!
  7. hmmmmmmmm, did you call balenciaga in nyc (?)
  8. I was hoping to buy one with the older leather.