Does anyone know where I can purchase a Spearmint Venetia? Rop

  1. Would it be cheaper to get a CP from the US than buy it here in the UK? Thanks :smile:
  2. What is a cp?? Did you see the thread that had neiman's last call going..I thought I saw one...maggie
  3. a CP is where I pay a US'er and they buy it for me and send it to me :smile: I contacted eluxury and they said they wont be getting a replenishment of the spearmint venetia :sad: where else can I try? :sad:
  4. Spearmint is a Soft Calf color from Resort 2004, members sometimes come across items in this color at outlets (older styles/colors and leftovers from stores get sent there). You can check back every now and then, some wonderful members will post information when they spot them. You can then contact the store directly to order it. Good luck. =)
  5. ^^ Some Marc Jacobs boutiques might have Spearmint Venetias left. You can contact any MJ store, a SA will be able to look up their inventory for you. If you prefer to inquire via e-mail, PM me for my SAs' contact info.
  6. Resort 2004's Spearmint Venetia was regularly $975USD. How much is it in UK?
  7. I haven't managed to find a Spearmint one here in the UK, Reg price is : £650 for a venetia :smile: I'm sooooooo excited now LOL