Does anyone know where I can get this?

  1. Are you looking for a new one?
  2. My NM had one like that w/ black patent CC's last time I was in.
    You can call and ask - ask for Shannon @ 912.629.1700 they're open 20 more minutes I think.
    Ask for the black Cambon Camera Bag.
  3. The Chanel boutique in SF had one a couple days ago
  4. There was a new one exactly like that and not much more expensive at the Palm Beach Gardens Chanel boutique as of Thursday.
  5. these come up on eBay from time to time. i sold mine last year to the winning bidder for $750. if u want a new one u can call the boutiques, but it'll cost more (obviously). It's the chanel cambon bowler bag. Good Luck!! :yes:
  6. Hi, thanks for all your replies. The problem is that i'm not from the US so buying on eBay is hard especially with within USA bidding.

    I just bought this yesterday on eBay.... how come nobody shows their travel totes? Do you not find it as nice as the more ornate ones? I think the travel papillions are gorgeous but the sling in blue/red/white is ugly.


    It came with a matching wallet as well, might give it away as a gift i know i have a bad habit of buying coordinated wallets, and bags, GST + zippered cambon wallet.

    Also, how much is the cambon bowling bag new? Do i save a lot by buying a good condition 2nd hand piece? Where can I go to purchase 2nd hand pieces aside from ebay and the marketplace (which i cant access yet - waiting for the day hehe)
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