Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Or Pre Order These?

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  1. hey there everyone! im new to this site! im looking for a whiskey chloe Edith and a Fendi B bag, does anyone know where i can pre order or get them? i might pre order fendi from e luxury but they do not have chloe :smile::biggrin:

    thank you much
    coturefashions :smile:
  2. You can try and also NM stores. When I called Chloe two weeks ago- they only had the chocolate left. Good luck!!!
  3. B Bag also appeared on the other day. For Edith, calling around to Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, etc.
  4. I just remembered that the Fendi B bag was available at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Troy, Michigan last I heard. The number is (248) 643-9000.
  5. For Chloe, I'd check NM in less trendy towns. If you go to their website, you can search for their stores and they all have 1-800 numbers, so you can save on long distance that way. Some Nordstrom stores carry Chloe, but they don't have the bag in--I think they'll take your info down. Start with their flagship store in downtown Seattle. They should at least be able to tell you which of their stores carry Chloe. Also, try the "official" Chloe boutiques, they probably have info on other stores' waiting lists and inventory.

    The Fendi B.Bag comes in different sizes and color combos. Eluxury. com has some available for pre-order, but the ship out date ranges from April to June. has the tan/black patent medium one and if you use the code "SHOPFEB", you'd get 10% off. But that bag isn't expect to ship out until the end of April. My local NM, told me that they don't expect their shipment until the end or middle of March... You could also check with NM and get on their waiting lists... Good luck!
  6. I just called, no B Fendi bags. Just spy bags in white and honey.
  7. hello does anyone know were i can get either or both the Fendi Spy bag in either Cognac or Halogram and also the Fendi Spy Hobo. thanks i live in the UK but are quite happy if i can find one in U.S.and get it shipped over as i cannot seem to find these bags here. thanks
  8. hi rosie i can get you a fendi coganc spy
  9. thanks JAG i called she put my on the list ofr the fendi B bag :smile: i jkust moved from sterling heights michigan was close to troy LOL:biggrin:
  10. No way!!! I am in West Bloomfield! Where are do you live now??? Small world!
  11. I Moved to FLorida last year :smile: i used to work on 14 and crooks in a OB/GYN office :smile: but my and hubby decided to move to florida! i lived at 18 and van dyke in sterling heights :smile: where in West Bloomfield do you live? we do visit home often :smile:
  12. The NM in Scottsdale, AZ said they could order it, but you have to have a NM card or AMEX (or you could buy a giftcard on their website and use that, probably). Also, Net-A-Porter is supposed to get some in, but they will sell out in under a day, I am sure.
  13. nm san diego had 4 in stock today of the cognac fendi spy bag. I ordered the white one but I'm already thinking I'll return it. Does anyone have the white spy bag? thanks
  14. Good, so I won't feel guilty If I keep the Cognac? or should I hold it for you?
  15. Right near Orchard Lake and Walnut Lake Roads. Always a quick drive to Somerset!!! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather in Florida!